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Yoga Iyengar

Herbal care and products in Carleton-Sur-Mer

For the many body treatments currently offered, see the bottom of the page for more information. 


Herbalism makes use of the medicinal properties of plants, and can be perfectly complementary to allopathic medicine, in order to contribute to a great autonomy of treatment, health, vitality and a strong immune system! The well-controlled use of medicinal plants is therefore completely complementary to this allopathic medicine, which in turn can help us obtain precise diagnoses. 

It is a very effective way to treat certain health imbalances, but also allows prevention, on an ongoing basis, in order to maintain a balanced metabolism, rather than treating it once the disease has set in. According to this practice, fresh plants - whole or not - are used, while the current manufacturing processes of natural health products only use certain active principles of the plants during transformation. 


The selection of the most suitable form is fundamental for an optimal absorption of the properties of the plant: infusions, liquid concentrates, mother tinctures in alcohol, medicinal vinegars or syrups are the forms that are absorbed most quickly. by the body, unlike capsules or tablets. Nowadays, with the greatest resistance to antibiotics, which is taking place in our bodies, herbal medicine offers several natural alternatives to fight infections, without having to depend only on drugs which, in the long term , end up increasing our antibiotic resistance.

There are thousands of plants on our beautiful planet, several are excellent, some must be dosed, others are deadly. It is important to consult a herbalist professional before consuming it therapeutically, in order to receive good advice rather than improvising yourself as a therapist.


 Consulting Services

Herbal consultation

60 minutes /$160 (Promo/$130)

90 minutes / $240 (Promo/$210)

120 minutes / $320 (Promo/$290)

150 minutes /400$ (Promo/370$)

180 minutes / $480 (Promo/$350)

Taxes included in consultation rates


Search time:



Personalized preparation:

Price varies according to your situation


Bulk herbal products:

Available to order, but not included in the consultation

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Facial care


The essential

Classic facial treatment, bamboo charcoal cleansing & herbal tea

60 minutes / $160


The Fundamental

Fascial massage, shoulders and hands, with shea butter and medicinal plants

60 minutes / $160



Pink Clay Double Fascia Mask with Collagen & cocoa, with fascial massage, shoulders and hands with shea butter

60 minutes / $160


The Marine Feet Signature

Facial mask, hot towels and foot massage

60 minutes / $160


The Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Ritual

Lifting massage and collagen mask, including hot towels and foreleg/foot massage during the mask

60 minutes / $160


Back care


Therapeutic back treatment


Exfoliation and anti-inflammatory mask, including a therapeutic back and foot massage

60 minutes / $160


Body care


They all include a portion of massage therapy during the treatment.

You with the choice between relaxation or therapy



Shea butter, Dead Sea mud and essential oils, cocoa, clays or seaweed

60 mins / $160


Leg care/comfort

Shea butter hydration and relaxation

60 minutes / $160


Renovating exfoliating treatment by Pieds Marins

Bamboo charcoal exfoliation, nourishing butter balm


60 minutes / $160


Therapeutic treatment with poultice

Dead Sea mud, clay or seaweed & essential oils

90 minutes / $240


Duo Exfoliation & Wraps

Black soap with eucalyptus and dead sea mud

90 minutes / $240


Marine Garden Package

Dead Sea mud scrub, nourishing cocoa butter wrap, bamboo charcoal exfoliation, followed by a massage of your choice lasting 60 minutes

120 minutes / $320 (Promo offer: $295)


V.I.P Exfoliation

Exfoliating Blend Special Sea Feet

120 minutes / $320 (Promo offer: $295)

The time listed for a massage with or without organic medicinal plants always includes 5 to 15 minutes for the health questionnaire. This is the most important part in thework of the massage therapist who must properly target your needs, who must also ensure that there are no peculiarities or contraindications to the massage or the use of medicinal plants, to then establish the treatment plan. intervention that will make it an effective massage. The minutes following the health questionnaire are of course allocated to your care tothe remaining duration of the time slot you have reserved. Take note that some treatments have rest periods to let the plants act and thus promote your letting go during this moment of relaxation. 


It is necessary to take into account the possible interactions between medicinal plants and your medication. The massage therapist is also a nurse and knows the medication well. His additional knowledge of herbalism allows him to fully understand this important aspect.


Each treatment can be personalized, as far as possible.

A wide range of more than 100 medicinal plants is available for your well-being.


Taxes are included in all rates.

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