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Magalie Poulin, propriétaire

Your health expert from head to toes To Carleton-Sur-Mer

Clinique Santé Aux Pieds Marins will celebrate its seventh year in 2023 and Magalie Poulin is its founder-director. In 2019, the company was named a semi-finalist at the Baie-des-Chaleurs Chamber of Commerce Gala, Small Service Businesses category. 

Magalie Poulin has accumulated numerous training and experiences as a health professional since 2003:

From beneficiary attendant to nursing assistant, to then practice as a critical care nurse. Subsequently, other improvements were obtained, such as in nursing practice for remote regions (in the Far North of Quebec), as well as in foot care for nurses. Now a bachelor since 2023, she now works as a nurse clinician.

Massage therapy was combined with its health services offer in 2017 with relaxation, energy or therapeutic treatments. Subsequently, she successfully completed the Orthotherapist / Physiotherapist course in 2021. 


Curious by nature, inhabited by a great thirst for learning and passionate about health in all its forms.

To this day, she is still continuing her studies. She is preparing to start a part-time Masters in Nursing Science, while continuing to offer you her full-time services.


She has also been studying as a herbalist-naturopath since 2020. A discount is offered on consultations until her graduation this summer. Advanced training will begin in the fall for the continuation of his professional career.

  Magalie also offers you an online store. Do not hesitate to visit the website of his company Herboristerie La Terre Mère, as Clinique Santé Aux Pieds Marins is a service point to collect your orders if you are from the local area.



Member in good standing of OIIQ, AIISPQ, CAWC and RITMA



Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

Adjuster in medical graduated compression stockings

Shipper / Carrier of hazardous materials (TDM) for biological materials, infectious or not.

Company mission 

Offer health services in a global vision of the human being, with always the same health professional to allow quality follow-up, a relationship of trust, attention to detail and limit your travel or the redundancy of your information. health. Cutting-edge expertise at your service to serve you even better.

Mission de l'entreprise
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