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Alternative medicine in Carleton-Sur-Mer


Accompaniment / Coaching 

Coaching is an accompaniment to allow you to be guided in a personal or professional way, in order to solve a problem that you are experiencing or to allow you to better propel one of your objectives, to support you in your search for clarity / consistency in your life,  also allow this space time to raise awareness or allow yourself to rest and calm the mind. Life coaching also makes it possible to discover and live the HERE and Now in a state of full consciousness, hyperconsciousness or modified consciousness, depending on the type of technique used. These approaches are very helpful in releasing the chains of the past that are blocking you inside and preventing you from moving forward. Coaching builds better actions, beliefs and values.

I offer face-to-face, Zoom, in-company or telephone coaching sessions. 



60 minutes: $160 

90 minutes: $240 

In company: individual or in group

60 min/$195 + travel expenses

90 min/275$ + travel expenses

Minimum travel: 3 hours of coaching

Insurance receipt available.

Taxes are included in the rates. 

reduce stress level

reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression

let go quickly

free ourselves from our fears, automatisms, worries, negative memories

optimize motivation, alertness and creativity

effective release from limiting beliefs

increased sense of joy in life

broaden our possibilities and open ourselves to a diversity of life choices, in different areas

such as money, creativity, sexuality, communication, etc.

     Access Bars Session 

                                   PSIO session / Light-relaxotherapy                                  

Coaching / Personal Coach, Professional Coach, Business Coach


Do you want to discover the Access Bars method?

This is a non-invasive energy technique developed by Gary Douglas (founder of Access Consciousness). This technique makes it possible to activate, by a soft touch, 32 points located on the head, linking the "Bars" (activation of symmetrical points). Access Bars are neither a therapy nor a treatment, it is a tool that promotes the famous "letting go".

Stimulation of these points results in a release of mental blocks, induces intense relaxation and when touched gently, they effortlessly release anything that is holding you back from receiving. The areas thus activated allow access to positive changes in the brain which, in a way, cause a reduction in stress and ward off harmful thoughts and emotions in our lives.


Here are some reasons why you may want to receive a session:

Access Bars

You are comfortably lying down, the session begins. With my fingertips, I gently touch the points on the head for a few minutes, the process is relaxing and liberating, with music or in silence at your convenience. Although a calming effect is observed quickly, an optimal session lasts on average 60-90 minutes during which a deep relaxation effect sets in.

At the end of the session, the gentleness of this technique will bring you a feeling of general well-being and, as after a massage, you will feel great relaxation and a peaceful mind. At best, certain aspects of your life will become better.


60 minutes / $160

90 minutes / $240

N. B. Taxes included in the rates.

Course of a meeting

Recent research

Recently, Dr. Terrie Hope PhD, DNM, CFMW published the results of a pilot study on the effects of "Bars" and revealed that after a single Access Bars® session, he measured a decrease in symptoms of anxiety and depression and found an increase in EEG coherence (coherence being linked, among other things, to learning, intelligence, reactivity time and creativity).

In 2015, another study led by neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Fannin was able to measure similar effects on brain coherence in 85% of participants.

Access Consciousness
Access Bars

Interesting facts

Scientists studied the brain before and after a session. The EEG shows significant positive differences in brain imaging. Another exam shows a very active area. This area is all about focus, concentration, and attention. After the Access Bars session, this area changes color, showing cerebral calm.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Clinic!

Listening to yourself is knowing how to take the time to live.

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