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Orthotherapy and physiotherapy care in Carleton-Sur-Mer

Orthotherapy is a treatment that aims to relieve muscle and joint pain that can take the form of headaches or backaches, tendonitis, sciatica neuralgia, stiffness in one of your limbs, etc. This pain can be caused by poor posture, sudden movements, blows of all kinds, accidents or lack of exercise.

Education through posture is another important element of orthotherapy. Finding or maintaining good posture reduces tension on muscles and joints and thus contributes to well-being. In general, orthotherapy can “re-educate the muscles”. It would soften the body, make it more fluid and reduce spasms and contractures. It would provide more tone and give more ease of movement. Orthotherapy is for everyone, athletes, elderly people, in the convalescent phase, etc.

Finally, orthotherapy improves breathing and blood and lymphatic circulation, thus promoting the elimination of toxins and a better supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of your body.

The course of a session

A session begins with a deep massage, qualified as intramuscular. This massage aims to decongest and relax the muscles, restore their flexibility and activate circulation. It also makes the person more receptive to treatment by reducing not only physical but also psychological stress.


Subsequently, the therapist does what are called mobilizations, that is to say, he sets the limbs or certain parts of the body in motion. These mobilizations can be executed in an active way (the patient performs the movement himself at the request of the orthotherapist), passive (he allows himself to be mobilized) or in an upset way (the therapist resists the client's movement). The movements always remain slow and gentle and never exceed the comfort zone or the normal play of the joints.

Étirement myofascial

To complete the treatment, the therapist can give lifestyle advice, because we want to help the body rebuild itself from the inside (diet, stress management, etc.) and offer natural products (medicinal plants, vitamins , minerals, essential oils, etc.). He may also suggest changes to the work environment or home.

In summary: The orthotherapist is a professional who combines physiotherapy with massage therapy to relieve pain caused by musculoskeletal disorders. Using massage, joint mobilizations and therapeutic exercises, the orthotherapist therefore works to improve postural imbalances. He is trained to design, revise and adapt a care program appropriate to the needs of his client in order to relieve his pain due to poor posture, an accident, repeated movements or due to a sedentary lifestyle.



Physiotherapy is movement therapy. This therapeutic type technique considers the problems in a global system and is practiced in a professional and ethical framework. This approach aims to restore normal movement to the desired part of the body, that is to say complete and painless. Kinesitherapy is an advanced massage therapy technique that uses massage, mobilizations (passive, active and countered) as well as various exercises. It is a so-called manual therapy since it is practiced only with the hands and body of the physiotherapist.

Physical therapy can benefit you when you experience muscle or joint pain. The physiotherapist will first complete a health questionnaire with you to fully understand the problem that motivates the consultation. Afterwards, he will check the condition of the muscles and the mobility of the painful joint. This moment of the meeting is therefore important and is an integral part of the session.

The physiotherapy treatment begins with a deep massage to improve blood circulation and release muscle tension. Depending on the painful segment and the effect sought by the physiotherapist, the massage can be accompanied by musculo-articular mobilizations. These mobilizations are carried out slowly, following the client's breathing, and always according to the normal amplitude of the joint.

At the end of the session, the physiotherapist will suggest exercises that will aim to increase the speed of recovery and avoid a relapse. These exercises complete the treatment and, if necessary, prepare you for your next meeting.

Ortho-Kine Signature Massage                                                                               Appraisals only: does not include treatment

45 mins : $120                                                   

60 mins : $160                                                    

75 mins : $200                                                   

90 mins : 240$

105 mins: $280

120 mins: $320

135 mins: $360

150 mins: $400 


Taxes are included in all massage therapy treatment prices.

Postural analysis, palpation, amplitude measurement and specific tests: $160

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An orthotherapy or physiotherapy treatment always includes nearly 30 minutes for the health questionnaire during the initial meeting. This is the most important part in thework of the orthotherapist who must properly assess your joint(s) to be worked on, who must also ensure that there are no peculiarities or contraindications to the treatment, in order to then establish the intervention plan which will make it an effective and adapted treatment. The minutes following the health questionnaire are of course allocated to your signature ortho-physiotherapy massage tothe remaining duration of the time slot you have booked.  For follow-ups, the questionnaire will only take 5-10 minutes depending on the progress and the time between follow-ups.


A receipt will be given to you at each of your appointments for your insurance covering massage therapy treatments (check your package). Please note that all rates already include taxes. The treatment is payable at the time of the appointment and no credit will be granted to you.


Several care products are available such as aromatherapy, balneotherapy and herbal medicine.

Possibility to offer a gift certificate or a gift certificate at any time for a health care or a product.


Methods of payment accepted at the clinic:

Cash, check, Interac transfer, debit card or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)


A notice of 72 hours (3 days) is required for any cancellation, otherwise a penalty of 50% of the scheduled rate will be automatically charged to you for the inconveniences suffered. Thank you for your understanding.

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