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Our nursing care in Carleton-Sur-Mer

Nursing stories

I received the Merit Scholarship from the Order of Nurses of Quebec Bas Saint-Laurent / Gaspésie / Îles-de-la-Madeleine (ORIIBSLGIM) in 2009, as a graduating student in the nursing promotion at Cegep de Rimouski.

Magalie Poulin, Infirmière clinicienne
Magalie Poulin, Infirmière en région éloignée

Memory of a medical evacuation that I did by Médévac, in the Far North of Quebec, north of the 60th parallel. I practiced there as a nurse in remote regions, in CLSCs and in dispensaries, from 2013 to 2014 in part.

Our nursing care

Private consultation services with a Health Coach Nurse


You have the opportunity to be guided and accompanied through your motivational factors, ie the underlying reasons for this need for change, to consolidate your fundamental reasons, to receive support in your commitment and your investment in yourself. Concrete objectives, optimal and concrete strategies and techniques, easy to use on a daily basis.

  •   Physical activity
  •   Nutrition and hydration
  •   Posture analysis and correction
  •   Chronic pain management
  •   Weight management, height gain, body mass index
  •   Management of diabetes, blood glucose levels, etc.
  •   Stress management, relaxation, state of mind
  •   Sleep habits
  •   High blood pressure
  •   Venous or arterial disease
  •   Metabolic syndrome (diabetes, hypertension and obesity)
  •   Environmental toxins
  •   etc

Face-to-face or in a ZOOM meeting


File opening and mandatory evaluation before meetings: $195

First consultation 60 minutes: $145

Followed 60 minutes: $145


A suggestion of one meeting every 2 weeks over a period of 3 months is suggested in order to maximize your commitment to yourself, give you time to put into practice the different strategies for change and thus increase your potential for success in optimizing your daily health. 


The specialties offered: nursing care, massage therapy and physiotherapy, health coaching, life coaching and leadership coaching. Meditation and yoga. Coming soon herbalism and naturopathy. 


Habitudes de vie
Injection de médicament


Injections: $60 (with prescription)

Subcutaneous or intramuscular  



Blood samples and other types of samples


$90 per category (with prescription)

$105 If multiple/specialized analyzes

  •   Venipuncture (blood test)

  •   Urine analysis and culture

  •   24 hour urine

  •   Nail culture

  •   Wound Culture


Wound care

  •   Complete evaluation of the wound or wounds: fees $140

  •   Arterial Doppler / Ankle-Brachial Index: $110 

  •   Removal of sutures, staples: $85

  •   Removal of a foreign body: $145  at $175

  •   Wick change: $140

  •   Simple debridement: $95

  •   Complex debridement: $115

  •   Removal of a drain (with prescription): $110

  •   Scarification of a pressure sore: $85

  •   Cauterization (silver nitrate): $85

  •   Simple dressing repair: $115

  •   Complex dressing repair: $140

  •   Compression bandage: $35

  •   Therapeutic surfaces: references

Sutures et agrafes
Bas de compression

Medical compression stockings

  • Fees for 1st meeting: $140 ( this first meeting      includes taking your leg measurements, checking your                    prescription, choice of stockings and relevant teaching to help you    to  take the most appropriate type of stockings for your health situation,                vs complete the order form and proceed with invoicing).

  • Fees 2nd meeting: $140 ( this second meeting      To for the purpose of checking your stockings together to ensure that they are in good condition.             condition once the delivery has been received, proceed with the fitting: the nurse        puts the first stocking in demonstration and then asks you to put on    the second, to ensure that you are able to put it on or              withdraw alone, because once at home you will have to be able to get there, then        this one will be able to give you the necessary teaching on the best            methods of donning stockings and their care to keep them well).

  • Price of stockings: variable according to the level of compression required

  • 15-20mmHg stockings can be purchased without a doctor's prescription, plus tax. If you have such a prescription, then they become non-taxable.

  • Stockings of 20-30mmHg and above can only be purchased with a medical prescription, so they are non-taxable at all times.

Ear assessment only (without any ear wash): $60


Ear washing: price varies according to one ear or two ears

1 ear: $75

2 ears: $145


  • Treatment for simple wart on hands: $90

  • Treatment for multiple warts on hands: $100

  • Skin tag treatment: $90

  • Visual acuity test (Snellen Chart): $75

Make an appointment now!

Important: On the day of your appointment, bring with you your list of medications, which will be necessary for a proper assessment by the nurse.

A receipt will be given to you at each of your appointments for your insurance which covers nursing care done by a nurse for the most part (check if your coverage includes it) or for your taxes. Please note that all nursing care is tax free. The treatment is payable at the time of the appointment and no credit will be granted to you.

Possibility of offering a gift certificate or a gift certificate for health care at any time.

Methods of payment that are accepted at the clinic:

Cash, check, Interac transfer, debit card or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

A notice of 72 hours (3 days) is required for any cancellation, otherwise a penalty of 50% of the scheduled rate will be automatically charged to you for the inconvenience suffered. Thank you for your understanding.

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