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Foot care in Carleton-Sur-Mer

Basic foot care provided by a nurse

  •   File opening: $65

  •   Regular foot care: $140 

  •   Regular diabetic foot care: $145

  •   Removal of your nail polish: $15

  •   Fungal nail culture: $90

  •   Monofilament test Semmes-Weinstein 5.07 10g: free / treatment

  •   Basic care for veterans: preferential rate Blue Cross

Soin des pieds

Special foot care

Treatment for nail fungus

  •   Light: $145

  •   Moderate: $165

  •    Severe: $185

Care for Cor & Partridge's eyes

  •   Single: $145
  •   Multiples: $165
  •   Complexes: $185

Treatment for plantar wart

  •   Single: $145
  •   Multiples: $165

Care for Calluses/Fissures/Cracks

  •   Single: $145

  •   Moderate: $165

  •   Excessive: $185

Treatment for Foreign Body Removal

  •   Single: $145

  •   Multiples: $165

  •   Complex: $185

Treatment for ingrown nail (onychocryptosis)

  •   Single: $145

  •   Multiples: $165

  •   Complex: $185

Specialized care for veterans : Blue Cross preferential rate

Specialized podiatric care

  •   Correction of the position of a toe without surgery: $185

  •   Correction of the position of two toes without surgery: $280

  •   VScorrection of hypercurvature  from 1 to 2 nails: $185

  •  VShypercurvature correction (each additional nail): $40

Hydratation du pied

À la carte (in the context of foot care)

  •   Apply your nail polish (on the feet only): $25 

  •   Certificate of visit: $5

  •   Production of a report: $75

  •   File copy: $25 (< 15 pages) | $50 (>16 pages)

Make an appointment now!

Important: On the day of your appointment, bring with you your list of medications and/or your orthopedic devices, which will be necessary for a proper assessment by the nurse.

A receipt will be given to you at each of your appointments for your insurance that covers podiatric care provided by a nurse (check if your coverage includes it) or for your taxes. Please note that all nursing care and podiatric care are tax free. The treatment is payable at the time of the appointment and no credit will be granted to you.

Wide range of professional foot care products available on site. Possibility of offering a gift certificate or a gift certificate for health care at any time.

Methods of payment that are accepted at the clinic:

Cash, check, Interac transfer, debit card or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

A notice of 72 hours (3 days) is required for any cancellation, otherwise a penalty of 50% of the scheduled rate will be automatically charged to you for the inconvenience suffered. Thank you for your understanding.

  •   Technique with asepsis according to the standards of the OIIQ and the AIISPQ, instruments sterilized according to the best Canadian standards

  •   Nursing follow-up and referral to a specialist when required (doctor, podiatrist, orthotist, pharmacist, etc.)

  •   Biomedical waste management plan

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